The New PC Standard

easel-boardA Change in Thinking

For quite a while, the venerable desktop/laptop model has dominated devices viewing web content. However with the upcoming release of a new crop of tablets running Windows 8, I think a fundamental shift in the dominate platform for viewing web content is underway.

What are the key features that lead me to this conclusion?

What really caught my attention was the use of a desktop level processor. A true Intel Core i5 or Core i7, not some low powered ARM processor. Strong CPUs for serious work. Tablets that can truly tackle heavy-weight applications. Current estimates indicate that vendors are releasing these devices at reasonable prices as well. Add to this, the trend in moving applications and data to the cloud and I think we are seeing a fundamental change on the horizon of the “everyday PC”.

Thinking Differently

With the change that I think is coming quickly, how we think about the sites we manage and new ones on the drawing board must change as well.  Instead of thinking “mouse first”, we must think “touch first”. For key content, consider the 10.9″ screen first and how to effectively position content instead focusing on the higher resolutions first. “Call to action” areas should contain greater space to allow for easier touch use. Font size and contrast must be considered to account for different levels of visual acuity on the table screen (don’t forget the “older eyes” in your target audience!).

Active Monitoring

Watch your web stats and look at the technology section for screen resolution.  I would suggest 15% as the tipping point. This would be a warning to review your existing sites for issues and of course to start moving this new platform up the consideration list for any new sites. Also review “call to action” rates and on-page use (if your stats programs provides this data). This is something you want to catch and respond to quickly.

The players

So what new format PCs (i.e. tablets) should we become familiar with that represents this new shift? I would suggest the following:

Microsoft Surface Pro

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix


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