Google Trends Update : Improvement in keyword research

Search Keyword HelpHave you noticed the update to Google Trends?  If not, and you have responsibility in your company for SEO work, you might find the latest update quite useful.

Earlier this year, in the name of security, Google started encrypting it’s collection of organic keyword searches. This, in essence, made those results invisible to web traffic analytic platforms, like Google Analytics. You can still see the volume, but the specifics are unavailable. When reviewing search results this volume will appear as ‘not provided’, or something similar.  Since Google represents about 67% of all organic search, this wasn’t an insignificant change. One of the methods to help fill the gap was to use Google Trends  (among other methods) for keyword research (although this of course is not specific to keywords coming to your site).

Google Trends – Keyword Research

The December 2013 update to Google Trends has added intelligence to the search mechanism that will result in more accurate results.  Take for example, a search for ‘coke’.  Results could encompass the soft drink called ‘coke’ as well as the product from coal, also called ‘coke’.  The Google Trend update, will now present you with filtered options to help narrow and define the search term.  A significant help in getting to just the right data set.

Below is an example of a search for ‘coke’. Notice how Google Trends presents various options:
Google Trends



In addition, if you WERE interested in both definitions of ‘coke’, you can easily add it and enhance your research. See below:
Google Trends - Multiple terms



The addition is pretty smart as well.  I found that it can also guess at uses of search terms. See below for an example of research on they keyword “receipt”:
Google Trends - suggestions





If you haven’t had the chance, jump over to Google Trends and take the upgrade for a spin. I think you’ll find it a helpful addition.

More on Google Trends and the change in Google Search


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