Cool Tips for Google

winter-treesIt’s January … what can I say … IT’S COLD!  So staying with that theme I wanted to share some cool (ok so it’s a bad pun) things you can do with Google.

Did you know there is a dedicated website hosted by Google that provides free, easy to use tips from the pros?  Also a great website with information on how the search algorithm works and how to get the most from the latest Google updates?

I ran across the below while doing some research and thought there were probably quite a few people who didn’t know they existed, so this is my community service deed for the month (:->)


Cool January Tips for Improving Your Search Skills

Lastly, here’s one I didn’t know that’s very useful for smart phones.  Open the browser on your smart phone, go to Google and type “weather”.  Amazingly, it doesn’t provide links about the word weather … it actually provides real-time updates of the local weather.  Pretty cool!



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