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Digital strategy involves not only a good business sense and experience, but also finding the best tools for the job. So like a lot of people I’ve found Microsoft SharePoint to be quite a nice platform in a number of occasions.

And I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of great techniques and tips available!

So in this post I thought I’d share some gems I’ve come across. These come from Heather Solomon’s excellent site (SharePoint Experience).  If you haven’t come across it in your travels, spend some time.  I think you’ll find it time well spent.

The Key: SharePoint CSS

When working with Microsoft SharePoint (2007, 2010, 2013) you’ll find that having a good grasp of the master pages, and styles will go a long way in making SharePoint really shine.  But Microsoft doesn’t do a good job of exposing all of the various styles in use. You can use any number of tools, like Firebug, or the Chrome/IE developer tools to research the various styles, but that is way too time consuming and cumbersome (in my opinion anyway!).

So when I came across Heather’s complete listing, it was a “finding the needle in the haystack” sort of moment!

It’s an excellent, well laid out chart with each class and ID and it’s function. Perfect for finding the style you need to tweak or completely override to make your pages just the way you like them. Currently only 2007/2010 are available. If I come across a good 2013 reference, I’ll be sure to add a new post!

So without further adieu … enjoy!





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