SharePoint Best Practices

Insightful Development

In developing business tools, SharePoint comes out of the box with many built-in tools, components and features that make it a great platform for quickly providing intelligent, useful, web-ready business applications. However if it’s built-in features are misused, or improperly applied, they can easily lead to poorly developed applications  that are inflexible and cause more harm that good.

I’ve helped a number of companies, where I’ve seen the best practices ignored, or poorly applied. With the unfortunate outcome of degrading business performance instead of enhancing it.

So in this post I wanted to share a great link I came across in my studies to help in this area. It’s from Microsoft’s TechNet site.    Some of the more useful sections, in my opinion, are the “Top 10 Blog Posts to Follow” and the “Training” sections.  However there’s also good advice on backup, farm planning and disaster planning, just to name a few.

There’s a lot of material covered in the best practices post, but I think you’ll find some gems here that will make it well worth your time!

Microsoft TechNet




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