Instagram – New Hyperlapse App

Have you seen this new app from Instagram?  Pretty cool, and free!

It was released in August of this year (2014) as an add-on for creating posts for Instagram. As you know, Instagram is a great place for sharing pictures and short videos of all kinds of things from crafts to travel, to you name it.

With Hyperlapse you can now easily create time-lapsed videos and post them to your Instagram account or just play them on your smartphone/tablet. The app also comes with built-in stabilization to help create smooth video playback.

Getting Started

To find the app, head over to the iTunes store and search for “hyperlapse”
or use this link: Instagram Hyperlaspse – iTunes


Making your First Video

When you first open the app, you’ll be presented with a cool little video showing 4 time lapse videos. Flip through to the fourth, and you’ll find he “Allow Access” button which will permit the app to access your phone’s camera. You’ll also be asked for permission to use your phone’s microphone.

That’s it!

From this point, it’s a simple push of the button to record your first video.

After each recording you’ll have the option of editing or deleting the recording. When editing, you have an easy to use slider to control playback speed. From 1X (normal) all the way up to 12X. When finished, the app will save your creation to your Photos directory.

Then you can easily share to FaceBook or Instragram, with the push of a button.

Have fun!



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