Google’s Update for Mobile Traffic

Is your site ready?

April 21, 2015 Google released the previously announced mobile specific algorithm changes.

With the rapid growth of searches initiated from mobile devices, Google has added “mobile friendly” as part of the ranking process. The impact will be felt by those sites where attention hasn’t been paid to design features enabling effective use on mobile devices.

If you’ve been procrastinating, now’s the time to stop and get to work!

So, Where to Start?

Well, let’s first start by examining the key checkpoints in the algorithm update

Load your site in your smartphone’s browser and check …

  • Is your site view-able on a mobile device
  • Is your font size readable?
  • Is your navigation readily available?
  • When zooming in does your site remain usable?

Next Step, Digging into the Details

Luckily Google provides a good number of easy to use tools to help.

So first, jump over to:

Now head over to:

  • Google’s PageSpeed Site: enter a url at the top of the page to receive an on-screen analysis of recommended key mobile updates (you’ll also find good recommendations on desktop fixes as well).

While you are here don’t miss the automatic help Google provides.  If you have a number of issues you’ll find a download option where Google will provide optimized versions of needed items (like javascripts).

Lastly …

  • if you have a webmaster account (and you should!) login and select “site health” if not already selected. This will provide recommendations for mobile friendliness as well.

Now you’ll have a good checklist from which to plan and prioritize your updates.

Good luck!

Oh by the way, in case you’re interested, here is Google’s official announcement



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