Copyright Free Images for Your Site

For this month’s blog post I wanted to share what I hope is a very useful feature for those looking for free quality images for their website.

As we all know, a well placed graphic can add much needed spice to a dry article or section. However it’s important to make sure that you have proper usage rights for that image.

In helping someone with this very dilemma , I came across a handy feature, right within Google.  So here you go!

Finding Copyright Free Images

Launch Google Images and perform your search

Now here is the addition … you’ll see a “Search Tools” option to the right of the menu … select this.

From here a drop down will appear, select “Usage Rights”, and you’ll find a list of various options.  Select “Labeled for reuse”.


Viola! copyright free images available for use.

More Options

Here is another site that can be useful as well:  When using this site, make sure to select the “Free Files”  filter at the top.



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