SharePoint Mobile View Issue

Happy Autumn!

With Halloween just around the corner I wanted to offer a treat for those of you who use Microsoft SharePoint (SP).

One great feature of SP is the ability to provide mobile access to list data, simply by selecting “mobile” as an option.

However a recent change by Microsoft has cause a perplexing problem where the “save” link after editing an item hides itself beneath the bottom banner! And believe me it took a while to figure out where it was hiding.


So I wanted to share two ways around this issue that have worked for me.

Solution #1 (easiest)

gear-icon-edit.jpgFor about 85% of the forms, using the “Gear” icon will successfully display the edit/save menu solving the issue.



Solutions #2

sp-appHowever I had a few lists where Solution #1 didn’t work. In this case I found that the new Microsoft SharePoint app was the perfect solution.  Look for this in the Apple App store or Google Play.



Happy Trick or Treating!



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