Web Development: Color and Fonts

I wanted to share some very useful sites I came across just in case you haven’t already found these very useful tools.

In both web and SharePoint development, I’ve found these tools easy to use, with professional output and time-saving results.

Clever CSS Color Code Generator

The first is a very creative site to develop CSS gradient code called Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator. This tool has very approachable controls to create attractive color gradients … and more importantly, generate the complete code needed to render these in a wide range of browsers. In addition, it also has a useful matrix of what is support by different browser versions.  The tool comes with many preset examples to get you started … and it’s free!

Adding Style with Fonts

Amazing to me the wealth of great free (did I say free?) development tools on the web. And one of those is Google Web Fonts. Looking to spice up your site, or add a splash of sophistication?  Well, these fonts can give you a bump in that direction. You’ll also find some an interesting feature that provides geographic usage of the selected font. Install of a selected font very easy. Once a font is selected, a modal box will appear with the code needed to import the file (placed in your CSS file).



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