Two great tools for supporting web development

Sharing a great article on the latest version of using Microsoft’s Power BI with SharePoint

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! And like most people I tend to take off around the holidays to recharge and get ready for a new year. So in my downtime, I’ve been expanding my SharePoint skills by digging in the REST services. Wow! quite a lot you can do!  However, it can be […]


I hope everyone had a wonderful (and tasty!) Thanksgiving holiday. This month’s post is directed toward my readers in small IT shops.  When you’re in a small department (or a department of one) it’s a necessity to make the best use of limited resources. When managing your company’s website, one important area that can often […]

Solving issue with SharePoint mobile lists

Welcome Autumn! In honor of the energizing cooler breezes and colorful foliage I wanted to share something to take advantage of all that new found energy … a good free course on building web apps … a low cost (did I say free?) way to increase your earning potential. This course comes from Udacity, and […]

40 good marketing tools to expand your toolkit

For this month’s blog post I wanted to share what I hope is a very useful feature for those looking for free quality images for their website. As we all know, a well placed graphic can add much needed spice to a dry article or section. However it’s important to make sure that you have […]

How are your search results doing these days? Keeping your site effective and current in methods that deliver up your content in the every changing SEO world is a challenge.  In that vein I’ve been following current reviews and tests and if you haven’t already implemented “structured data” in your SEO efforts it’s something you should highly […]

Stretch your mind with a free class on “Deep Learning!”