Spring is in the air, daffodils are in bloom and the days are getting longer … so what a better time to sharpen your skills? As we all know, “all things internet” is a constantly changing  and evolving environment, not keeping up will quickly jeopardize your value to your organization and keep your sites from […]


Have you heard of “RankBrain”?  It’s made headlines lately due to Google’s announcement that it is now the third most important signal when determining final rankings. So for those of us charged with keeping our company’s listing high in the rankings, it’s prudent to learn more about this and also understand how it fits into […]

Happy 2016! If you’re like me you spend a lot of time analyzing your site’s stats … gleaning insights and ideas for improving your sites. With that I also spend a measurable amount of time culling out the extraneous traffic … not a fun job … and more seem to popup every day. And it […]

A gift for the Christmas Season – delightful video sampling

In case you haven’t heard (ok, so EVERYONE has heard …) the latest Star Wars is being released in December 2015. So in this ‘a bit off the beaten path’ post I thought I’d share some of the fun things I’ve run across in anticipation of the release … something to do while waiting for […]

I was working on a web project the other day and came across this interesting tool on Google, so thought I’d share for those who might not have come across this either. Search … not just for text Google has this interesting twist on the standard text search where you can search with images! Say […]

Getting Ready for SharePoint 2016 If you follow SharePoint as I do, you’re probably looking forward to Microsoft’s release of SharePoint 2016. New Features Some of the new features I’m looking forward to: Unified Search (on-prem and cloud) Mitigation of the 5,000 View Threshold Durable Links (a link that doesn’t change if the file name […]

The Power of SharePoint Workflows Many people, with only a brief familiarity with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform consider it merely a glorified file share. However this shortchanges your investment and misses a great opportunity.  The SharePoint platform is a great tool for rapid development of useful business process applications. A key feature that enables this is […]

It’s Summer and time to slow down a bit and enjoy the sunshine! So this month, just a short post to share some of my insights on running an online marketing campaign In a prior post I mentioned some good online sessions from Google. 101: OnLine Marketing 101: Adwords 201: Online Marketing 201: Running a Campaign […]

Is your site ready? April 21, 2015 Google released the previously announced mobile specific algorithm changes. With the rapid growth of searches initiated from mobile devices, Google has added “mobile friendly” as part of the ranking process. The impact will be felt by those sites where attention hasn’t been paid to design features enabling effective […]