Spring is almost here … a good time to brush up on our on-marketing skills to get ready for the uptick in traffic as people come out of hibernation (yes, it was that cold in the Northeast!). With that, I wanted to share a great site I found … Google’s “Online Marketing” course (it’s free!). […]

I came across a very useful tool recently, and wanted to share, in case you haven’t run across this. It’s called “Fiddle”, and it’s a free download.  It monitors web page load transactions as a page loads.  It was very useful when trying to track down a very tricky problem with a web page … […]

Year End Thinking … As I usually do, I take a few days off between Christmas and New years. A good time to do some unencumbered  thinking. And as my musing went, it landed upon the challenges this year brought in regards to effective website design, use and measurement. Including how Google’s many algorithm updates […]

For those of you who haven’t already discovered “snippets”, you’ll find this post very useful. Snippets are a great feature to improve what is displayed on a  search engine result page(SERP) when a query matches your content.  Deploying these html code snippets is also a good way to strengthen your SEO efforts.  Snippets are html […]

Have you seen this new app from Instagram?  Pretty cool, and free! It was released in August of this year (2014) as an add-on for creating posts for Instagram. As you know, Instagram is a great place for sharing pictures and short videos of all kinds of things from crafts to travel, to you name […]

With all of the changes in the SEO world, it’s easy to miss new announcements. So I thought I’d mention one in this post you might have missed. One that I think you’ll find pretty useful in keeping your website in tip-top share. “Fetch and Render” In May of 2014, Google added a new feature […]

Insightful Development In developing business tools, SharePoint comes out of the box with many built-in tools, components and features that make it a great platform for quickly providing intelligent, useful, web-ready business applications. However if it’s built-in features are misused, or improperly applied, they can easily lead to poorly developed applications  that are inflexible and […]

Useful Resources for SharePoint Development Digital strategy involves not only a good business sense and experience, but also finding the best tools for the job. So like a lot of people I’ve found Microsoft SharePoint to be quite a nice platform in a number of occasions. And I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of great […]

If you spend a lot of time doing web analytic analysis like I do, you’ll find the two recently released enhancements by Google as welcome as a warm day is, in this chilly month of April. Improved Diagnostics When setting up accounts, profiles, filters, etc. it’s very important to ensure a proper setup.  Google has, […]

It’s March, and that means  “Spring Break” for many colleges is upon us! So in that spirit I thought I would share some new online course offerings I’ve come across to help increase your IT skill set … and many for no charge!   Online College Courses I freely share two online course sites I […]