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Sharing a Free Programming Course

Welcome Autumn! In honor of the energizing cooler breezes and colorful foliage I wanted to share something to take advantage of all that new found energy … a good free course on building web apps … a low cost (did I say free?) way to increase your earning potential. This course comes from Udacity, and […]

Instagram – New Hyperlapse App

Have you seen this new app from Instagram?  Pretty cool, and free! It was released in August of this year (2014) as an add-on for creating posts for Instagram. As you know, Instagram is a great place for sharing pictures and short videos of all kinds of things from crafts to travel, to you name […]

Summer time Apps

It’s summer time, so time to slow down a little on the work, and have some fun. So this post will share some of the great useful  (new to me!) apps I’ve come across, or have been shared with me. I use an iphone5, but most are also available on the Android platform as well. […]

New Windows 8 Tablets

As leaders in our organizations for leveraging web technology for business value, staying abreast of the devices used to consume our development is crucial. Much of the development has centered around development for the popular Apple iPad/iPhone. However Microsoft Windows is still the mainstay OS in business. So it’s important to stay abreast of the new devices […]

Trends – Apps and Football

The Growing Influence of Apps I love football, pro and college.  So to me it’s always of interest, how the game is growing and progressing. So the convergence of technology and football … what’s not to love! If you haven’t been following this, you’ll find this blog post interesting. A number of progressive NFL teams […]

Sharepoint 2013 – Apps are here!

SharePoint 2013 In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft release the public preview for SharePoint 2013. One feature that I am very excited about is the new ability to create apps in SharePoint … yes, you read that correctly “apps” … just like the ones we are now familar with on our mobile devices. Apps for […]