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Web Development: Color and Fonts

Two great tools for supporting web development

Easy Performance Testing

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and tasty!) Thanksgiving holiday. This month’s post is directed toward my readers in small IT shops.  When you’re in a small department (or a department of one) it’s a necessity to make the best use of limited resources. When managing your company’s website, one important area that can often […]

Copyright Free Images for Your Site

For this month’s blog post I wanted to share what I hope is a very useful feature for those looking for free quality images for their website. As we all know, a well placed graphic can add much needed spice to a dry article or section. However it’s important to make sure that you have […]

A look forward toward 2015 – Mobile SEO

Year End Thinking … As I usually do, I take a few days off between Christmas and New years. A good time to do some unencumbered  thinking. And as my musing went, it landed upon the challenges this year brought in regards to effective website design, use and measurement. Including how Google’s many algorithm updates […]

Designing for Smartphones – Gesture Recognition

Web design has come along way since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web with Netscape and the desktop ruling the day. Today the hot new growth area is mobile devices and improved methods in web design/ User Interface (UI) are needed.   The Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems have pioneered the […]

How’s Your Creativity?

As technology leaders we often are at the forefront in taking the lead in coming up with innovative ideas and uses of technology to help spur new products, services and offerings to help our companies grow. So how’s your creativity lately?   We if you’re like me, every so often you need help spurring the creative […]

New Windows 8 Tablets

As leaders in our organizations for leveraging web technology for business value, staying abreast of the devices used to consume our development is crucial. Much of the development has centered around development for the popular Apple iPad/iPhone. However Microsoft Windows is still the mainstay OS in business. So it’s important to stay abreast of the new devices […]

The New PC Standard

A Change in Thinking For quite a while, the venerable desktop/laptop model has dominated devices viewing web content. However with the upcoming release of a new crop of tablets running Windows 8, I think a fundamental shift in the dominate platform for viewing web content is underway. What are the key features that lead me […]

Parallax Scrolling – An Engaging Design Technique

Parallax Scrolling – An Engaging Design Technique Planning for a new website? If so, it’s worth your while to consider the new “scrolling” design technique.  While it won’t work for every type of site, if it does fit, it can help a site stand out against it’s competition. Interesting and Cool The technique uses multiple […]

Designing for the Mobile Market

Are You Leveraging the Mobile Market? Mobile devices have dramatically changed how people access and use content. So much so that any web manager not creating a strategy for a truly mobile site is doing their company a disservice. Getting Started As obvious as it is, mobile devices are … mobile!  They are used differently […]