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Google’s Update for Mobile Traffic

Is your site ready? April 21, 2015 Google released the previously announced mobile specific algorithm changes. With the rapid growth of searches initiated from mobile devices, Google has added “mobile friendly” as part of the ranking process. The impact will be felt by those sites where attention hasn’t been paid to design features enabling effective […]

A look forward toward 2015 – Mobile SEO

Year End Thinking … As I usually do, I take a few days off between Christmas and New years. A good time to do some unencumbered  thinking. And as my musing went, it landed upon the challenges this year brought in regards to effective website design, use and measurement. Including how Google’s many algorithm updates […]

Designing for Smartphones – Gesture Recognition

Web design has come along way since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web with Netscape and the desktop ruling the day. Today the hot new growth area is mobile devices and improved methods in web design/ User Interface (UI) are needed.   The Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems have pioneered the […]

Summer time Apps

It’s summer time, so time to slow down a little on the work, and have some fun. So this post will share some of the great useful  (new to me!) apps I’ve come across, or have been shared with me. I use an iphone5, but most are also available on the Android platform as well. […]

New Windows 8 Tablets

As leaders in our organizations for leveraging web technology for business value, staying abreast of the devices used to consume our development is crucial. Much of the development has centered around development for the popular Apple iPad/iPhone. However Microsoft Windows is still the mainstay OS in business. So it’s important to stay abreast of the new devices […]

The New PC Standard

A Change in Thinking For quite a while, the venerable desktop/laptop model has dominated devices viewing web content. However with the upcoming release of a new crop of tablets running Windows 8, I think a fundamental shift in the dominate platform for viewing web content is underway. What are the key features that lead me […]

Designing for the Mobile Market

Are You Leveraging the Mobile Market? Mobile devices have dramatically changed how people access and use content. So much so that any web manager not creating a strategy for a truly mobile site is doing their company a disservice. Getting Started As obvious as it is, mobile devices are … mobile!  They are used differently […]

New 7″ Tablets are hitting the Market

Smaller Tablets – New battleground Ready or not, a new dimension to the tablet market place is here, and looks to become the next “hot” item … 7″ tablets. Looking at the Advantages It will be interesting to see how the smaller format does in the marketplace.  I know many people who simply love their full […]

Responsive Web Design

FrameWorks – Flexible Design for a Mobile World A good strategy in today’s web space is to make sure your sites are accessible on as many devices as possible, with the least amount of effort and cost effectively developed. This is critical to meeting your company’s business goals … and frameworks are a great tool […]

Will Microsoft Surface make a dent in iPad sales?

My wife loves her iPad. It was a Christmas present from her loving family (i.e. me, my daughter and our two cats). However Microsoft has come out with a really nice looking product, hardware wise. I especially like the built-in keyboard. At this point, I’m still on the fence about the interface, Windows 8. Will […]