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Web Development: Color and Fonts

Two great tools for supporting web development

PowerBI for SharePoint Tips

Sharing a great article on the latest version of using Microsoft’s Power BI with SharePoint

Extending SharePoint with REST

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! And like most people I tend to take off around the holidays to recharge and get ready for a new year. So in my downtime, I’ve been expanding my SharePoint skills by digging in the REST services. Wow! quite a lot you can do!  However, it can be […]

SharePoint Mobile View Issue

Solving issue with SharePoint mobile lists

SharePoint Workflows – Quick Reference

The Power of SharePoint Workflows Many people, with only a brief familiarity with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform consider it merely a glorified file share. However this shortchanges your investment and misses a great opportunity.  The SharePoint platform is a great tool for rapid development of useful business process applications. A key feature that enables this is […]

Useful Tool for Development Help – Fiddle

I came across a very useful tool recently, and wanted to share, in case you haven’t run across this. It’s called “Fiddle”, and it’s a free download.  It monitors web page load transactions as a page loads.  It was very useful when trying to track down a very tricky problem with a web page … […]

SharePoint Best Practices

Insightful Development In developing business tools, SharePoint comes out of the box with many built-in tools, components and features that make it a great platform for quickly providing intelligent, useful, web-ready business applications. However if it’s built-in features are misused, or improperly applied, they can easily lead to poorly developed applications  that are inflexible and […]

SharePoint CSS Guides

Useful Resources for SharePoint Development Digital strategy involves not only a good business sense and experience, but also finding the best tools for the job. So like a lot of people I’ve found Microsoft SharePoint to be quite a nice platform in a number of occasions. And I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of great […]