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Web Development: Color and Fonts

Two great tools for supporting web development

Easy Performance Testing

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and tasty!) Thanksgiving holiday. This month’s post is directed toward my readers in small IT shops.  When you’re in a small department (or a department of one) it’s a necessity to make the best use of limited resources. When managing your company’s website, one important area that can often […]

Digital Marketing Tools

40 good marketing tools to expand your toolkit

Copyright Free Images for Your Site

For this month’s blog post I wanted to share what I hope is a very useful feature for those looking for free quality images for their website. As we all know, a well placed graphic can add much needed spice to a dry article or section. However it’s important to make sure that you have […]

Google’s Reverse image search

I was working on a web project the other day and came across this interesting tool on Google, so thought I’d share for those who might not have come across this either. Search … not just for text Google has this interesting twist on the standard text search where you can search with images! Say […]

Useful Tool for Development Help – Fiddle

I came across a very useful tool recently, and wanted to share, in case you haven’t run across this. It’s called “Fiddle”, and it’s a free download.  It monitors web page load transactions as a page loads.  It was very useful when trying to track down a very tricky problem with a web page … […]

Fetch as Google – checking page integrity

With all of the changes in the SEO world, it’s easy to miss new announcements. So I thought I’d mention one in this post you might have missed. One that I think you’ll find pretty useful in keeping your website in tip-top share. “Fetch and Render” In May of 2014, Google added a new feature […]

Web Analysis – new tools

If you spend a lot of time doing web analytic analysis like I do, you’ll find the two recently released enhancements by Google as welcome as a warm day is, in this chilly month of April. Improved Diagnostics When setting up accounts, profiles, filters, etc. it’s very important to ensure a proper setup.  Google has, […]

Google’s Disavow Tool

Have you heard about Google’s disavow tool?  It’s an advanced tool, but worth taking the time to understand and have in your repertoire. It’s purpose is to help with cleaning up what Google considers “unnatural links”.  What’s an unnatural link you might ask. In general it falls into a category of low quality, paid, or […]

Cool Tips for Google

It’s January … what can I say … IT’S COLD!  So staying with that theme I wanted to share some cool (ok so it’s a bad pun) things you can do with Google. Did you know there is a dedicated website hosted by Google that provides free, easy to use tips from the pros?  Also […]