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Sharing a Free Programming Course

Welcome Autumn! In honor of the energizing cooler breezes and colorful foliage I wanted to share something to take advantage of all that new found energy … a good free course on building web apps … a low cost (did I say free?) way to increase your earning potential. This course comes from Udacity, and […]

Deep Learning – free course

Stretch your mind with a free class on “Deep Learning!”

Good Course on Web Optimization (Free!)

Spring is in the air, daffodils are in bloom and the days are getting longer … so what a better time to sharpen your skills? As we all know, “all things internet” is a constantly changing  and evolving environment, not keeping up will quickly jeopardize your value to your organization and keep your sites from […]

Online Marketing – Some insights

It’s Summer and time to slow down a bit and enjoy the sunshine! So this month, just a short post to share some of my insights on running an online marketing campaign In a prior post I mentioned some good online sessions from Google. 101: OnLine Marketing 101: Adwords 201: Online Marketing 201: Running a Campaign […]

Brushing up – Online Marketing

Spring is almost here … a good time to brush up on our on-marketing skills to get ready for the uptick in traffic as people come out of hibernation (yes, it was that cold in the Northeast!). With that, I wanted to share a great site I found … Google’s “Online Marketing” course (it’s free!). […]

Excellent Free Online Courses

It’s March, and that means  “Spring Break” for many colleges is upon us! So in that spirit I thought I would share some new online course offerings I’ve come across to help increase your IT skill set … and many for no charge!   Online College Courses I freely share two online course sites I […]

Managing your Web Projects

So how’s your web projects doing lately? Are they well crafted projects, following structured plans, executing like a well thought out chess strategy or are they more like herding a bunch of cats? Projects are put in place to solve a problem and deliver a result. They are constructs to bring resources together, meet a […]

Keeping your Edge – Free Online Reference Guides

Key Information at your Finger Tips In this post I’ll share another good site I’ve discovered that you can add to your arsenal of development support. Have you ever been developing and stumble upon the proper syntax of a statement? Or while coding, can’t quite remember the proper keyword? If so, you’ll love this free site […]

Keeping your Edge – Excellent Online Resources

Staying Current I’m often asked … “how do you keep your skills current and learn new development tools?” So in this post, I thought I’d share one item, that should be of benefit to a large amount of readers … free technology ebooks. It is amazing to me, the wealth of good, quality free material […]