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Staying Up Todate with Google

Have you heard of “RankBrain”?  It’s made headlines lately due to Google’s announcement that it is now the third most important signal when determining final rankings. So for those of us charged with keeping our company’s listing high in the rankings, it’s prudent to learn more about this and also understand how it fits into […]

Google’s Update for Mobile Traffic

Is your site ready? April 21, 2015 Google released the previously announced mobile specific algorithm changes. With the rapid growth of searches initiated from mobile devices, Google has added “mobile friendly” as part of the ranking process. The impact will be felt by those sites where attention hasn’t been paid to design features enabling effective […]

Google Trends Update : Improvement in keyword research

Have you noticed the update to Google Trends?  If not, and you have responsibility in your company for SEO work, you might find the latest update quite useful. Earlier this year, in the name of security, Google started encrypting it’s collection of organic keyword searches. This, in essence, made those results invisible to web traffic […]

Recovering from a Panda Hit

  With so many sites affected by Google’s Panda algorithm I thought I’d share some insights on techniques I used to not only pinpoint the incident but also actions taken to recover traffic. Panda as you know is the code-name of one of Google’s recent updates to it’s ranking algorithm. It’s primary focus is to […]

Designing for Smartphones – Gesture Recognition

Web design has come along way since Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web with Netscape and the desktop ruling the day. Today the hot new growth area is mobile devices and improved methods in web design/ User Interface (UI) are needed.   The Apple iOS and Google Android mobile operating systems have pioneered the […]

Vine – New tool for Web Marketing

New Kid on the Block Have you heard of Vine? It’s a new social media property from the good  people at Twitter. It’s an interesting twist on the micro blog phenomenon and will be fun to watch it’s development.  I remember when Twitter was new, many people were questioning the value of a 140 character […]

The New PC Standard

A Change in Thinking For quite a while, the venerable desktop/laptop model has dominated devices viewing web content. However with the upcoming release of a new crop of tablets running Windows 8, I think a fundamental shift in the dominate platform for viewing web content is underway. What are the key features that lead me […]

Trends – CrowdDesign

The Evolving Crowd Industry In an earlier post, I explored the new “Crowd” industry, in particular CrowdSourcing.  That article generated good interest, so I’m following up with an additional aspect : “Crowd Design”. CrowdDesign Just like CrowdSourcing, CrowdDesign is the process where potential customers will post projects and list a “winning fee” for each.  Once […]

Trends – Apps and Football

The Growing Influence of Apps I love football, pro and college.  So to me it’s always of interest, how the game is growing and progressing. So the convergence of technology and football … what’s not to love! If you haven’t been following this, you’ll find this blog post interesting. A number of progressive NFL teams […]

Trends – Crowdsourcing

As leaders in developing and enhancing our company’s websites to support business goals, staying on top of the latest trends is important to delivering value and keeping a competitive edge. Crowdsourcing is one of those trends to keep an eye on, especially for smaller businesses. A Concise Definition: Crowdsourcing is the process of submitting your […]