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Digital Marketing Tools

40 good marketing tools to expand your toolkit

Staying Up Todate with Google

Have you heard of “RankBrain”?  It’s made headlines lately due to Google’s announcement that it is now the third most important signal when determining final rankings. So for those of us charged with keeping our company’s listing high in the rankings, it’s prudent to learn more about this and also understand how it fits into […]

Brushing up – Online Marketing

Spring is almost here … a good time to brush up on our on-marketing skills to get ready for the uptick in traffic as people come out of hibernation (yes, it was that cold in the Northeast!). With that, I wanted to share a great site I found … Google’s “Online Marketing” course (it’s free!). […]

A look forward toward 2015 – Mobile SEO

Year End Thinking … As I usually do, I take a few days off between Christmas and New years. A good time to do some unencumbered  thinking. And as my musing went, it landed upon the challenges this year brought in regards to effective website design, use and measurement. Including how Google’s many algorithm updates […]

Google’s Free Tools for Creating Structure Snippets

For those of you who haven’t already discovered “snippets”, you’ll find this post very useful. Snippets are a great feature to improve what is displayed on a  search engine result page(SERP) when a query matches your content.  Deploying these html code snippets is also a good way to strengthen your SEO efforts.  Snippets are html […]

Recovering from a Panda Hit

  With so many sites affected by Google’s Panda algorithm I thought I’d share some insights on techniques I used to not only pinpoint the incident but also actions taken to recover traffic. Panda as you know is the code-name of one of Google’s recent updates to it’s ranking algorithm. It’s primary focus is to […]