Better Search Results – Structured Data

magnifying-glassHow are your search results doing these days?

Keeping your site effective and current in methods that deliver up your content in the every changing SEO world is a challenge.  In that vein I’ve been following current reviews and tests and if you haven’t already implemented “structured data” in your SEO efforts it’s something you should highly consider.

Some Background

Search Engines love content. However they are not so great at deciphering exactly what you intended your content for.  They are good, but with some help they can be great. And that means more views and visits for your content.

It’s interesting that the rise in “voice” search is also a contributing factor to implementing structured data in your SEO.  Think of all those smartphones with Siri!

Structured  Data – Quick Primer

Structured data is a lot like meta data in that it describes the item and it’s properties. To make these items available to the search engine in a way it understands and can easily consume is the goal.  It has a standard method and is placed in the HEAD tag section of the page. The standard method is from And assuming you are familiar with CSS and Javascript you’ll recognize the layout pretty quickly.

However it does have it’s vocabulary.  For example a “Thing” is a type and it has four properties: name, description, url, and image. It’s from these that you build out your structured data.

Getting Started

A Google search will turn up good articles on the topic, however below is a very good place to start!



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